Montana Tavern Association

MTA Accomplishments

MTA monitors and participates in the activities of lawmakers and regulators on the State and National level. The MTA participates in committees, forums and hearings so our industry’s position is heard and results in fair outcomes on issues of interest to our membership. The MTA offers legislation proposed by the membership and, as directed by the membership either supports or opposes legislation brought by other interests.

MTA has either initiated or been a major participant in the development of program and projects for the betterment of the industry and the citizenry of Montana as well. Examples are the Montana Problem Gambling Counseling Service and the Research and Education Program. The MTA supports these programs both financially and with many hours of dedicated work by members.

MTA was a major industry leader in MONTANA BUSINESS & CITIZENS AGAINST CI-81, the broad based group formed to oppose a ballot issue that would repeal ALL forms of gambling in the state and is, again this year fighting yet another ballot issue to ban machine gambling.

MTA was instrumental in legalizing video gambling in Montana and works hard to protect your right to conduct the LEGAL enterprise.

MTA has fought continuously to protect your LEGAL rights and the investments you have made in your license to sell alcoholic beverages, the backbone of your business.

MTA was successful in stopping the practice of “stacking” licenses in Montana which had allowed the accumulation of more than 20 gaming machines in one small area, by one operator or inter-related operators.

MTA succeeded in getting laws passed that: makes it an offense for a minor to attempt to purchase alcohol; limits the scope of your liquor liability; restricts the use of special beer and wine permits which infringe on your business.

MTA helped to defeat a bill that would have sold the state liquor warehouse (and the wholesale distribution system) to one dominant private entity; defeat bills to double or triple gaming machine taxes; defeat a bill to ban ATM machines in any business with gaming; defeat extreme food “codes”; defeat bills to give communities sweeping new powers to ban gambling.

MTA has played a key role in preserving our tiered alcohol distribution system, defeating ruinous “privatization” proposals and instead giving the agents more authority while increasing savings for on-premise licensees.

MTA has worked with other industry supporters to gain improvements in gaming machines technology and offerings, such as multiple game cabinets and bill acceptors.

MTA got the loopholes closed on “resort” alcohol licensing and negotiated a solution to the “Cabaret” Licensing dilemma (which threatened the value of all licenses).

MTA is affiliated with and supplies copy/editorial support to the MONTANA TAVERN TIMES, the unquestioned industry news source.

MTA provides guidance and moderating for candidate forums statewide.

MTA annual convention provides political regulatory panels and debates, noted guests, and exciting Trade Show that includes seminars on topics of interests and unparalleled social events including a golf tournament.