Montana Tavern Association

Membership Benefits


John Iverson provides professional and experienced Lobbying services during all Legislative sessions and interim legislative committee meetings as well as at hearings and forums dealing with industry matters.


A full-time executive director and staff at the headquarters office give individual attention to your inquiries and problems, and manage the business affairs of MTA under the strict direction of the Executive Board and its Chairman.

Buying Group

The massive buying power of the MTA has saved members substantially in workers comp premium and on their property and liability insurance. Also available to members at a discounted fee is unlimited access to experts in the area of employee relations.

Toll-Free Hotline

A 24-hour/day, 7 days/week, toll-free message service to keep you up to date on legislative and all industry issues. Also allows you to contact the office with your messages and requests without paying long distance charges.

ABL Membership

As a member of MTA, you are automatically a member of the American Beverage Licensees with access to the many programs and services it offers. MTA elects National Directors to attend ABL functions, to express MTA’s position on industry issues and to participate in the forming and the expression of ABL’s position on industry issues at the National level and to report on those activities to MTA.

You’re in Charge

YOU elect the officers of MTA; YOU elect your own county director and alternate to the MTA Executive Board (the nucleus of the Association and its governing body); and YOU vote on all policies and programs of MTA to be carried out by the Board in the interim between annual conventions.

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